The Bulgarian mobile application for dogs and dog owners is starting!


DOGLAR is the name of the Bulgarian mobile application that connects dog owners. Its main objective is empower the user to be able to find other dogs, easily and quickly, selected by various criteria such as age and breed. DOGLAR builds a community of people who share a passion for four-legged creatures and helps them to create more and more shared fun moments. The intuitive design allows the user to get acquainted well with the other person and his pet, but the logic of the mobile application is to enter into contact only people who have shown mutual interest.

Untypical for the entrepreneurial sphere, behind the idea are standing two girls – Pavlina Deshev, vice president of the organization Start It Smart and journalist Biljana Slaveykova and for the development of application take care the mobile application studio – DigiMark. “We wanted to build an intelligent and time-saving channel that connects dog owners with different needs – from a company in the park to find a suitable mate and breed their dog,” says Pavlina and Biljana added: “We declare against lonely walks . As a pet owner I know firsthand how much fun are daily evictions when shared, as for the dog and the owner. The common passion for dogs is a great way to meet new people and make friends “.


In addition to connecting dog owners DOGLAR’s mission is to help them take care better for their pets with useful tips, recommendations for restaurants and other places which are dog-friendly, and active work on various social causes.

Now you can get your invitation to the beta version of the mobile application, which will appear in early July for all iOS platforms. The full version can be downloaded from the App Store, Google Play and Windows Phone in September. Consumers who have requested an early invite within the next three weeks at will have the status of superusers, always giving them free access to special features in the final version.

You can request an early invite for Doglar here:

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