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The next article will make you think about how the world works, or at least the projection on the Internet. Its characters are a group of dogs which accumulate thousands of followers under each pic in Instagram, until your lunch with quinoa (particularly photogenic, of course) is hiding somewhere shy in a feed with sad five likes of your best friends. Owners of the next ten dogs were able to turn them into internet stars, without the intervention of brave aesthetic surgery (something that few celebrities can brag about). Everything is #nomakeup #nophotoshop #allnatural. So plant owner / dog here shows that you can conquer the world … literally.



Maddie is a dog that had crossed the America mainly a motorcycle. Theron Humphrey rescues the animal, then takes it with him while working on a photographic project, crossing the United States. In his spare time, Theron starred Maddie, while doing what he says does best – stands on things. From motorcycles to giant watermelons, from horses to humans – there isn’t something that Maddie can not stand with the grace of royalty. The footage did find a place in the book Maddie on Things: A Super Serious Project About Dogs and Physics, as well as in the Instagram of the owner.


384 k followers


The story here is a classic situation of “every evil for good”. Brazilian artist Rafael Mantesso turns abandoned by his wife, who takes everything from him, except his Bull Terrier – Jimmy Choo. In desperation, he began to treat depression with fun images and scenes that played out with the dog. Suddenly, the situation escalated and the two in no time become an internet sensation. Currently illustrations by Jimmy were collected in a book and his followers fall in delight after each and every new post.




Fans of this gang fight in quantity (and quality) of these for most pop groups today. From the beginning of this profile there are the Weimaraner – Harlow and the Dachshund – Sage. After Sage passed away with age, the stage half of Harlow became a Dachshund – Indiana. Owner still continues to pursue the two dogs with a camera at their most entertaining and downright ridiculous moments. The newest member of the family is Reese and the situation is already too cute to handle.


322 k followers


He’s pug superstar. He’s a pug who can make Selfies. He’s a pug whose Selfie will have more likes than all your selfies together. 25-year-old photographer Jeremy Veach adopts Norm a little more than three years ago. He says that to Norm it just comes naturally to pose in front of the camera. We have no choice but to believe and push the Follow button.




Reuben & Sadie are Dachshunds from Australia, which have not yet been “scrolled the Internet,” but we see great potential in them. You think life is easy if a Dachshund, you think that life is full of fun if you are a Dachshund. Well, you’re right! This section shows you the daily activities of the couple and if you believe that nothing in the household may surprise you – then you have to see how Dachshund handle wrench, how crocheted or read the morning paper.


48.3 k followers


Beta is a French Bulldog in London, the proud owner of the most sympathetic flattened snout on the Island. Judging by her profile – she spends about 90% of the day in bed, the remaining 10% in an attempt to get back to it. The latter proves unequivocally breed her relationship with the talisman of DOGLAR – the French Bulldog Precious.


1.5 m followers


Tuna, as you look at her (a cross between a Dachshund and Chihuahua), she has more fans on Instagram than Christina Aguilera (1.2 million), without ever publishing a single! Courtney Dasher save this puppy in December five years ago by farmers market in LA. Tuna has an unusual appearance, wrinkled chin issued fox snout and teeth that protrude forward, but so what? It is the most adored dog on the internet.


208 k followers


Trotter is a French Bulldog that you can find in San Francisco. They announced him to be the perfect hipster and we do not have a choice but to review the evidence (in the form of pictures) and agree. Trotter is a star in the Huffington Post, which published some of his photos and story. And, yes, you may say that we are not impartial, putting two representatives of the breed. Well, you’re right.




Cookie is a Poodle, although at first glance may get the impression that it is a teddy bear. His owners are Olia and her daughter Lara, the last one of them created the account Pumpkin and Sunshine and began to share pictures of their pet. For Cookie we know only that is addicted to fruit and vegetables, and is particularly a fan of green smoothies. Perhaps this is the reason for his fluffy fur.




The wonderful Riley’s profile is supported by his owner, who discovers that she is into photography, just after she started to shoot her dog. This profile radiates the absolute comfort of the home and harmony between a person and a dog – something that won us all.

You will make us as well wag our tail if you follow DOGLAR on Instagram.

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