Doglar is a puppy


Doglar is one month old. And the idea of him is eight months old. By all the laws of nature and mathematics Doglar is a puppy. He looks like a puppy; he behaves like a puppy so he’s a puppy. Doglar reminds me of Precious and she was a puppy once. Not so long ago to forget what it was.

For you Doglar is just an app. But you’ve heard how he is barking when he has successfully matched you with somebody, right?! If he barks, he is a dog! Just a little bit! And Doglar as Precious makes mistakes. And he exactly as her learns from his mistakes. He tries once and then once again and in the end he succeeds, in Precious’ case to get on the couch and to never want to come down from it.

And Doglar as Precious is looking for a place. One under the sun, in your life, in your heart. And he is fighting for that place. Precious is doing it with love that is infinite and true. Doglar is doing it by helping you find love… Love with four paws and a wet nose. Precious is often clumsy. Doglar is clumsy, too, but he could handle it. And if it took Precious months to start behaving properly, Doglar is born learned. From day one he knows that you give the commands so he is trying his best to understand and fulfill. He is sometimes slow but don’t get angry, he is still a puppy. Your puppy.

You definitely haven’t forgotten the first uncertain steps of your own dog, his little victories when he jumped over the doorstep, when he stole your socks, when he successfully begged for food during dinner. And your little victories, too, when he first came to “come here” and sat to “sit”. Ostensibly simple but requires practices. It is precisely that first steps you walked together and that moments you shared together which made you this great combination.

Doglar needs you to play with him in a team, too. He needs you to be patient and to direct him, to share with him and to help him. He will wag his tail.

He is our puppy. He is the puppy of your puppy.

Thank you for helping us grow!

Doglar for iOS is available in the App Store.

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