A dog in a cab. Possible.


There are things in life that in theory they seem very simple, but that’s only until you try to make them in practice. One such thing proved in my experience is to get from point A to point B with your pet without a personal car and not in the most ancient way – on foot. Unfortunately, Sofia’s public transport compliance with the “rules” depends entirely on the mood of the driver, meaning that they can let you in with your dog or they can return you to compliance with the mandatory requirements. According to the latest regulations pet transportation is permitted if the owner of the dog carries its registration documents or electronic card and, of course, purchase and validate the ticket for the dog. The owner is obliged to keep their pet on short unstretchable bond, the dog be muzzled or in a cage. I do not own muzzle for my 8-pound and extremely friendly French bulldog, even less desire I have to shut her in a cage in order to become a regular traveler to bus 102 for example. Therefore you need alternatives!

Doglar started to dig deeper on the topic and found out that there are taxis that are dog-friendly. Our friends from the mobile app TaxiMe have thought about it and have embedded options (currently only for Android, and soon for iOS) to leave “note” to the driver that you are traveling with a pet (small, large and guide dog). While they were interviewing drivers to choose them for the platform TaxiMe marked for every single one of them if they let pets in or not. It turns out that about 50% of the cars have their doors wide open for the four-legged and not worry about just a tiny bit of fur on the back seat.

In addition, the team of TaxiMe shared that they have thought on the topic of dogs guides. “When our driver receives an order in which it was noted that the customer is with a guide dog, the driver is trained, that he must look for and recognize the client and help him to find the car and get in.”

TaxiMe’s philosophy is that the opportunity to ride your pet in a taxi is a logical extension of the idea of a ​​service which is oriented to the real needs of the client, and this is where our desires and values ​​intersect. At the same time, to improve the quality of the service, they rely especially on the rating system that works on several levels. On the one hand, it monitors the work of the drivers – how quickly they fulfill orders, how many orders they have accepted, and on the other any feedback is accepted on things that in one way or another have made an impression on consumers. That’s why we invite you to help in the development of this service dedicated to our pets, so that it continues to evolve and you can do this by leaving ratings and giving feedback on how your travels go.

Here are the 4 simple steps that you need to follow to order a dog-friendly taxi:
1. Choose your pick-up address and go-to address
2. Write a note to the driver
3. Choose the size of the dog
4. Order the cap


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