Dogs Are Allowed! 10 Dog-Friendly Places in Sofia


DOGLAR is leaving on his first mission. We went for a long walk, determined to find those places in Sofia where you can stop by to eat and drink lemonade or a cocktail without being “expelled” because you have a dog, but exactly the opposite. To welcome you with your pet is a huge red dot for us and somehow makes us like these locations many times more than others, where we are met with “no” to our dogs. For starters we contacted and selected these ten favorite dog-friendly places with a promise that we will not stop there, and soon will provide a full list of where you and your pet are more than welcome customers.

And before I invite you to follow us on this route, let me mention briefly what is required of you so that this is a full experience for all. The dog must be polite (read: do not bother other visitors or barking), not aggressive, vaccinated and well walked in advance. From now one thing is clear – you will surely enjoy the many attention and a decent dose of that special exclamation “oh.”

2 Madrid Bulevard

Your place if you appreciate the bottled craft beer – have over a hundred types from Belgium, England, Scotland, Denmark and Bulgarian representatives – White Stork, Glarus, Wild beer and others. In the summer their garden is more than wonderful. Your dog is welcome outside and inside, meaning you can easily go there from time to time even during the cold season. Also kind people from the bar even prepared a bowl, in which they are pouring fresh water for the dogs.


15 Karnigradska Str.

If you are hungry from a long walk – this is your place. According to our humble opinion Boom! has always done (and will do) the best burgers in Sofia and that they love when dogs visit them makes them even more endearing. Recently revamped their menu and scored several new must-try-burger still with a prime beef, but if you’re a vegetarian, you have a suggestion for a meatball Lentil (very, very good). We suspect that if Doglar could follow scent as in cartoons he would take us there.


61 Oborishte Str.

Funky place where you are more than welcome with a dog. It is actually a MUST go place, if you are a dog owner, leap to the bar with him. In a bit of luck there you can meet Lea, she is the four-legged mascot at FlipFlop. Behind the bar are very good with the cocktails making and they have a decent variety of all native craft beers and imported ones. This is one of the places in Sofia with such a friendly atmosphere and makes you so comfortable that you easily get to talk to everyone, absolutely everyone there. On 30 August FlipFlop is included on the last Sunday of Sofia breathe. Not that I insinuate something …


29 Hristo Belchev Str.

This place is the epitome of the better America – that of blues, swing and rock’n’roll, the one with tokens jukebox, pink Cadillacs and iconic snack. This spirit brought us Paul and Mitko or The Smugglers Collective, which in recent years have created an entire subculture of keen on swing. But to come to the floor – here your pet will be properly welcomed, while you wonder between ribs and sandwich or one of those American smoothies with lots of cream and cherry on top.


65 Solunska Str.

:Svetulkite” (or “Fireflies”) is one of our favorite places this summer and they accept any dogs, if they are on a leash and do not to “wander” around the tables. Go there while it is still warm enough to hang around in the garden. Other findings from the curios are found in this place in its interior and gave it “the character” of the place. Otherwise there are stuff for drinking and eating and we truly recommend the bruschetta.


2A Karnigradska Str.

We call it “the alternative meeting place and culture.” The especially nice people from the “bar” periodically organize events like comic jams (for example), which are increasingly collected native talented illustrators. Otherwise, if you want to drink coffee / cocktail and something to honor something selected and independent, all publications such as magazines, fanzines and books they wait on the spot.


12 Ivan Vazov Str.

If you get caught unprepared in the evening with a pet and a date, Tell Me is one of the few bars where you can bring your pet to “a party”. The place of Henry (a boy who is very well known in the Sofia city life) is a spot where lots of pleasant events are happening. My favorite feature is that usually as many people there are inside, the same is outside, on the pavement of Ivan Vazov. We know from experience that the love dogs, but if your dog likes bars – there is one way to find out.


56-58 Krum Popov Str.

The very first co-working space in Sofia with wide open doors to four-legged creatures. Moreover, part of the beta family is Laila Vom Laubwald (or just Laila, if you tangle the tongue) have primary responsibility for security. We’re not sure exactly what she has protected, but one thing is beyond doubt – it is a real talisman of this space which brings people of all startups and artistic circles and it is a land for many of the meaningful events in Sofia.


4 Iskur Str.

It is that wonderful house, which houses all sorts of green bazaars, art events, readings, exhibitions and other initiatives that make you look at the city in a more serene manner. That is, if you decided to establish your dog in Sofia’s cultural life – this is the place. Here you can also hire a desk and work in this environment. By entering ask for Roya (wonderful shaggy golden retriever) if she doesn’t find you first and begin to wag her tail as a sign of hospitality.


31 Tsar Shishman Str.

Our favorite bookstore in Sofia for several reasons. The first and most important of them is when we started to read a story through the window, but we were with a dog and totally forgot for the ability to get pass the threshold of the shop. They saw us and kindly invited us to go in because Elephant is dog-friendly! Moreover, they have a wonderful selection of books (including English) and we argue that there is a title that can not be found. It is also a wonderful place to look for useful gifts because there are quite clever ideas and collectible magazines. Furthermore, one of the few locations that works 7 days a week and also until 22:00.


We hope this was useful to you. If this is the case – an early invite for the Doglar beta you can request here:

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20 thoughts on “Dogs Are Allowed! 10 Dog-Friendly Places in Sofia

  1. В ресторант-пицария “Джоя”, в Божурище, ул. Г.С.Раковски 24а, можете също да заповядате със своите домашни любимци. Имаме уютна японска градина, както и закрити салони. Около вас има екзотични папагали, аквариуми с риби и винаги готов да посрещне любимците ви персонал.

  2. Към списъка можете да добавите и Snake в Люлин. На вратата има стикер “Вие и вашите домашни любимци сте добре дошли”.

  3. В The Little Things на ул. Иван Шишман зад църквата Св. Седмочисленици също харесват кучета 🙂

  4. Препоръчваме и “Истинската американска кръчма – Saloon” – на пътя за Банкя до Конната база.

  5. браво, чудесна идея!
    А за по-непридирчивите препоръчвам мястото, наречено “квартална кръчма”, където и досега не са ни изгонили с нашия див звяр, макар че смятам, че често би било разбираемо да го направят ?

  6. В the egg bar на ул. Лом 1 също често сме срещали догета, а вече и Макс ходи няколко пъти и му хареса 🙂

  7. Само Ви молим, почиствайте след домашните си любимци, и ние вървим по тези места!

  8. И аз идвам да добавя Соул кичън, защото ми е любимо място и защото се радват на голдъна ми, имат купички за вода, освен че готвят страхотно, имат интересни напитки и чудна атмосфера. Аз винаги ходя в градината, не съм сигурна дали вътре е ок. Надявам се вие да проверите 🙂

  9. Страхотна идея, ще е добре да се отразят и коментарите и страницата да се допълва. А защо не и за други градове?

  10. в бар Лорка на ъгъла на Славянска и Шишман също ще приемат и теб и кучето ти много добре. Там съм виждала много хора с кучета и никой никога не е правил проблем за това (нито барманите, нито клиентите).

  11. Довечера ще тестваме Saloon в Банкя, с Акита Ину:) Потвърдиха, че няма проблем:))

  12. В Ракета ракия бар на ул. Янко Сакъзов №17, също са много гостоприемни и те посрещат с купичка с вода за кучето. 🙂

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