(Български) DOGLAR е пале


Doglar е на месец. Идеята за него на осем. По всички закони в природата и математиката Doglar е пале. Изглежда като пале, държи се като пале, значи е пале. Doglar ми напомня на Прешъс, и тя беше пале. Не толкова отдавна, че да забравя какво е.

За теб Doglar е приложение. Но си го чувал как лае, когато успее да те събере с някого, нали?! Лае ли, значи е куче! Поне малко! И Doglar като Прешъс прави грешки. И той като нея се учи от грешките си. Опитва веднъж, опитва втори път и накая успява, в нейния случай да се качи на канапето и никога да не поиска да слезе от него.

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A dog in a cab. Possible.


There are things in life that in theory they seem very simple, but that’s only until you try to make them in practice. One such thing proved in my experience is to get from point A to point B with your pet without a personal car and not in the most ancient way – on foot. Unfortunately, Sofia’s public transport compliance with the “rules” depends entirely on the mood of the driver, meaning that they can let you in with your dog or they can return you to compliance with the mandatory requirements. According to the latest regulations pet transportation is permitted if the owner of the dog carries its registration documents or electronic card and, of course, purchase and validate the ticket for the dog. The owner is obliged to keep their pet on short unstretchable bond, the dog be muzzled or in a cage. I do not own muzzle for my 8-pound and extremely friendly French bulldog, even less desire I have to shut her in a cage in order to become a regular traveler to bus 102 for example. Therefore you need alternatives!

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10 Dogs to Follow on Instagram

The next article will make you think about how the world works, or at least the projection on the Internet. Its characters are a group of dogs which accumulate thousands of followers under each pic in Instagram, until your lunch with quinoa (particularly photogenic, of course) is hiding somewhere shy in a feed with sad five likes of your best friends. Owners of the next ten dogs were able to turn them into internet stars, without the intervention of brave aesthetic surgery (something that few celebrities can brag about). Everything is #nomakeup #nophotoshop #allnatural. So plant owner / dog here shows that you can conquer the world … literally.

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Dogs Are Allowed! 10 Dog-Friendly Places in Sofia


DOGLAR is leaving on his first mission. We went for a long walk, determined to find those places in Sofia where you can stop by to eat and drink lemonade or a cocktail without being “expelled” because you have a dog, but exactly the opposite. To welcome you with your pet is a huge red dot for us and somehow makes us like these locations many times more than others, where we are met with “no” to our dogs. For starters we contacted and selected these ten favorite dog-friendly places with a promise that we will not stop there, and soon will provide a full list of where you and your pet are more than welcome customers.

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The Bulgarian mobile application for dogs and dog owners is starting!


DOGLAR is the name of the Bulgarian mobile application that connects dog owners. Its main objective is empower the user to be able to find other dogs, easily and quickly, selected by various criteria such as age and breed. DOGLAR builds a community of people who share a passion for four-legged creatures and helps them to create more and more shared fun moments. The intuitive design allows the user to get acquainted well with the other person and his pet, but the logic of the mobile application is to enter into contact only people who have shown mutual interest.

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